Interactive Land Use Map (Interpretive)

The Land Use Plan for the buildout of Ontario accommodates the full range of uses currently found in Ontario as well as the Vision for future uses and growth centers.  Our land plan builds upon a wealth of assets, including: a growing international airport (Los Angeles/Ontario International Airport); a burgeoning business, distribution, and industrial sector; significant convention and visitor accommodations; regionally significant retail and professional office centers; a historic downtown; significant multi-modal transportation facilities; and one of the largest undeveloped infill projects in the state (New Model Colony).

Simply put, our future plan for growth is to capitalize upon these assets with appropriate land use patterns, focus growth into strategic areas, mold and arrange growth so that identity and community is created, and to enhance our existing neighborhoods.


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Exhibit LU-01 Land Use Plan - Printable

Exhibit LU-02 Land Use Designation Summary Table

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