Welcome to THE ONTARIO PLAN !!!

The Ontario Plan is a dynamic Framework for sustained, comprehensive leadership in building our community.  It integrates components of city governance that are typically disconnected.  The Plan states community direction at a point in time (2009) and integrates it into a single guidance system that will shape the Ontario community 20 years or more into the future.  The Ontario Plan provides for lasting policies to accommodate change.  It consists of a six part Component Framework:  1) Vision, 2) Governance Manual, 3) Policy Plan, 4) City Council Priorities, 5) Implementation, and 6) Tracking and Feedback.

At a public hearing held on Wednesday January 27, 2010, the Ontario City Council unanimously approved The Ontario Plan Component Framework, and approved the completed Vision, Governance Manual and Policy Plan (General Plan).  Two additional components, Implementation and Tracking and Feedback, will be considered for adoption by the City Council once completed. The City Council Priorities were adopted in February 2009.

We hope you enjoy The Ontario Plan; its content, its easily accessible information, photographs, and more. There is a wealth of information about Ontario and its future contained here for you to peruse. It is an incredibly transparent guidance system for the benefit of everyone, including City Council members, commissioners, staff, business community, and the public. If you have questions or want to comment on TOP please use the “Contact” button at the top of this page. Enjoy !!!