Chino Airport

The Chino Airport is a 1,097-acre general aviation airport in the City of Chino, immediately adjacent to our southern boundary.  Chino Airport is owned and operated by San Bernardino County and is used by a wide range of general aviation aircraft, including single and multi-engine aircraft, turboprop, business jet, and helicopters.   The airport is home to the Planes of Fame and Yanks air museums and houses a number of vintage aircraft.

The adopted Chino Airport Master Plan forecasts that annual operations will increase from 153,900 in 2005 to 209,400 in 2025 and annual passengers will increase from 131,500 to 204,150 over the same period. For the 12-month period ending March 27, 2006, the airport had 168,393 aircraft operations, an average of 461 per day.  As shown on the Master Plan, the future configuration of the Chino Airport will contain three runways, of which only the 6,023 foot long Runway 3-21 would impact Ontario.  Runway 3-21 is used sparingly by small aircraft (aircraft less than 12,500 pounds) when winds are from the northeast and crosswinds are greater than 10.5 knots on the other runways.  According to the Master Plan, the runway protection zone for Runway 3-21 extends into Ontario and the 65 and 60 CNEL noise contours do not extend into Ontario.

Planning for Chino Airport
At the time of the adoption of this Policy Plan, it was not possible to accurately plan for the impacts of the Chino Airport.  Two documents are necessary to plan for an airport: an adopted Airport Master Plan (AMP) and an adopted Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (ALUCP).

As of 2009, the Policy Plan only had the benefit of the Chino AMP, adopted by San Bernardino County in February 2006.  The adopted ALUCP, which is dated November 1991, did not reflect the latest adopted AMP and is not useful for long range planning purposes.  However, in 2004, the Riverside County Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) began a separate land use compatibility study based on the adopted Chino AMP for its planning purposes.  While the Riverside ALUC has no jurisdictional authority over the Chino Airport or in San Bernardino County and its land use study is not the adopted ALUCP for the Chino Airport, its study does represent the most current thinking and is useful for our long range planning purposes.

Until such time as the appropriate County of San Bernardino authority adopts an ALUCP for the Chino Airport that is based upon the adopted AMP, we will utilize information from the ALUCP adopted by the Riverside ALUC in September 2008.  Based upon this study, we have created the Chino Airport Overlay, which requires coordination with the Chino Airport authority to determine appropriate land uses, maximum population density, maximum site coverage, and height restrictions until such time as an updated ALUCP is adopted by San Bernardino County and accepted by the City.  The Airport Influence Areas identify the required notification/disclosure areas.  These areas will also be amended, as necessary, to comply with an adopted ALUCP.