Emergency Shelters

Ontario is developing a number of strong programs to address its homeless population. The Development Code conditionally permits an emergency shelter/transitional housing in the R2, R3, C3, C4, M1, M2, and M3 zones. Transitional shelter means residential accommodations for two or more persons, including support/counseling services, for homeless individuals and/or families. The City has also contracted with Mercy House to develop and operate the City’s homeless programs in conjunction with the City. To ensure compliance with newly enacted Senate Bill 2 by the state legislature, the City will need to make additional amendments to the Development Code to ensure that adequate sites are available for homeless people.


  1. Amend Municipal Code to permit emergency shelters and SRO units by right in an overlay zone subject to the same development standards as other uses in the same zone and provide management and operation standards as allowed by SB2.
  2. Amend Municipal Code to permit transitional and permanent supportive housing as a residential use in all zones and treat such uses in the same manner as residential uses in the same zone.