Exhibit LU-04 – Generalized and Growth Areas

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The Generalized Areas describe the fundamental pattern of land use in a generalized form. The purpose of this map is to provide an understanding of the basic land use structure and not to determine the specific land use on individual properties.


The Generalized Land Plan consists of broad land use groupings, including residential, mixed-use, retail/service, employment, open space, public, and airport.  Each of these generalized categories is subdivided into more detailed land use designations on the General Plan Land Use Map.


Area 1 – West of Grove Avenue
The area generally west of Grove Avenue. This area is the older residential area of the City and includes the historic downtown and civic center area. It is characterized by smaller lots and a relatively large number of homes and other historic structures that are approaching or older than 30 years.


Area 2 – Airport and East of Grove Avenue
The Airport and areas generally east of Grove Avenue and north of SR-60. The defining land use feature in the City is the Ontario International Airport. The physical location of the airport determines the circulation patterns and optimum land uses in its immediate vicinity. The hospitality area along Vineyard Avenue; the Convention Center; and industrial, warehousing and distribution areas can be tied directly to the presence of the Airport. The land uses in this area are generally retail, office, industrial, warehousing, and service-related and were developed primarily during the last three decades. Wide streets, landscaped corridors, screened/bermed parking areas, large lots, and large master-planned commercial and industrial developments characterize this area.


Area 3 – South of SR-60 and North of Riverside Drive
The area south of SR-60 and north of Riverside Drive. This area is separated from the City by SR-60 and is characterized by large, traditional single-family and master-planned residential communities with corner service-commercial uses.


Area 4 – South of Riverside Drive
The area generally south of Riverside Drive. This area comprises the New Model Colony area and is largely agricultural with scattered residences and agriculture-related businesses.

The Policy Areas  delineate districts of the City where detailed policy guidance is tailored to address unique issues within each area.  The corresponding strategies that have been tailored to address the specific needs and issues of each area are contained in the Land Use Designation Summary Table  The following are the defined Policy Areas:


Historic Downtown and Civic Center:  This is the historic heart of Ontario and is a unique blend of historic, social and cultural uses set in a compact street grid. It includes our Civic Center, Library, diverse residential neighborhoods, and retail opportunities along Euclid Avenue, Holt Boulevard and B Street.


Commercial and Residential Corridors
East Holt Blvd.:  These older commercial corridors are envisioned as areas that transition to new residential uses.  They are intended to provide new housing opportunities that will also provide increased demand for retail in more concentrated, strategic locations (e.g., at major intersections)


SEC Euclid and Francis:  The Euclid-Francis Mixed Use Area is envisioned as a low-rise (3-5 stories), mixture of retail and residential uses that will create identity and place along the Euclid corridor and serve the surrounding residents.


Ontario Airport Metro Center: This area is envisioned as the most intensive concentration of development in the Inland Empire and includes the Convention Center and hospitality area along Vineyard Avenue; Ontario Mills; Guasti Village, the Events Center, and major office and urban residential centers.  The area benefits from major transportation facilities including the I-10 and I-15 freeways, LAONT, and a variety of transit options.


New Model Colony
NMC West:  These are the mixed use centers of the New Model Colony and are characterized by a combination of retail, office, and residential uses in a walkable environment.


NMC East:  These are the mixed use centers of the New Model Colony and are characterized by a combination of retail, office, and residential uses in a walkable environment.