Ontario first developed as an agricultural community. With its transition to an urban community, only 1,840 jobs and 100 firms in Ontario are still in the agriculture industry. The vast majority of workers are in the dairy industry, which is run by families with onsite caretakers’ quarters. The Development Code allows single-family homes by right, agricultural caretaker units as an accessory use, and manufactured housing by right. To address any remaining unmet housing need, the City will amend the Development Code to mirror the provisions of the Health and Safety Code (§§ 17021.5 and 17021.6) to allow agricultural housing for six or fewer employees as a by-right use. For facilities with 7 to 12 units or spaces, the City shall amend the Code to allow such use as an agricultural use, subject only to regulations applied to any agricultural use in the same zone, and the permitted occupancy may include employees who do not work on the property where the employee housing is located.