General Plan and Zoning

The Housing Element sets forth a variety of housing opportunity sites in the Downtown, major corridors, and other infill areas. To encourage and facilitate the development of quality housing and exemplary design of these areas, the City will create general plan land use designations for medium density residential (allowing 11 to 25 units per acre) and high density residential (allowing 25 to 45 units per acre). Allowing mixed uses is also critical for the success of the different housing opportunity areas. The General Plan will adopt mixed-use land use designations for different policy areas that offer a minimum of 14 units per acre and a maximum of approximately 45 units per acre, with slight variations among subareas. Corresponding zones will be created to implement the high density residential and mixed-use land use designations. With the adoption of the General Plan in 2008 and corresponding zones in 2009, all of the housing sites will be available for development during the planning period.