G1 Decision Making

Clear and predictable decisions will help the City move closer to its Vision.

Ontario has succeeded in maintaining its leadership role through a system of decision-making that is based on communication, collaboration and a clear understanding of and respect for roles within a Council-Manager form of government.  The City Manger meets with City Council Members on a regular basis to ensure that Council has the information they need for decision-making.  Key Management Staff members submit their best professional advice and recommendations through reports and budgetary requests, generated through broad staff collaboration, to the City Manager who transmits them to Council after determining consistency with Council’s policy direction.  The Ontario Plan (which encompasses the Vision, City Council Priorities, Ontario Governance Manual, Policy Plan, Implementation Program, and Tracking and Feedback), together with the Annual Budget, helps decision makers at every level to make informed choices that move Ontario toward its long-term Vision.  In other words, the Plan is integrated into City operations at every level.



Sustained decision-making that consistently moves Ontario towards its Vision by using The Ontario Plan as a framework for assessing choices.



Consistency with Policies. We require that staff recommendations to the City Council be consistent with adopted City Council Priorities (Goals and Objectives) and The Policy Plan.


Long-term Benefit. We require decisions to demonstrate and document how they add value to the community and support the Ontario Vision.


Maintenance and Replacement Costs. We shall incorporate maintenance and replacement costs in the pricing of new programs and facilities as well as recording such deferred costs as debits against City revenues.

Supporting Documents