G4 External Factors

State government (State Capitol shown) is one external factor for the City of Ontario.

In order to achieve its Vision, the City of Ontario benefits from the  dynamic environment of which it is a part, but over which it does not have direct control.  The context in which the City operates is remarkably complex and will become more so.  The City chooses to prepare for this reality by addressing external factors before they’ve had their impact, rather than taking a reactive approach. The key is an attitude of awareness, consciousness and intent—all aimed at establishing an optimum posture regarding external factors as the future evolves.



Constant diligence in dealing with external factors impacting Ontario in a manner that contributes to the Ontario Vision.



Legal Mandates. We shall comply with legal mandates upon the City so that they are satisfied and make maximum contribution to the Ontario Vision.


Public and Private Partnerships. We shall engage in public and private partnerships where they offer opportunities for achieving the Ontario Vision beyond what could be achieved independently.


Awareness. We shall actively maintain awareness of the external forces impacting Ontario so that their positive impacts can be optimized and negative impacts minimized.


Proactive Approach. We shall seek to influence external factors impacting Ontario sooner rather than later.


Multiple Projections. We shall maintain a range of future projections instead of a single forecast as a means of understanding and managing the forces of change and promote the same approach by other governments.


Interagency Cooperation. We shall participate with regional governments, surrounding cities and other agencies in devising optimum strategies for addressing external factors of mutual interest.

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