Green Building

Green building means creating structures and using materials that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient, considering a building’s entire life cycle. To reduce per capita energy use, the City will promote conservation and renewable energy generation techniques in public facilities and private development. The City will require new construction to reduce energy demand by incorporating building and site design strategies. Conservation will be the priority strategy for renovation of existing facilities. The General Plan also includes land planning strategies which impact energy demand reduction, including narrowing street widths, installing broad-canopied trees for shade, and clustering compact development to reduce automobile use.


  1. Establish a green building ordinance/policy for City facilities.
  2. Promote green building practices in the private sector and explore point-of-sale energy retrofits for residences.
  3. Renewable energy incentive and energy efficiency programs.
  4. Develop a Citywide 20-year energy plan.
  5. Support pilot development project as a net-zero-energy community, and formulate solar site orientation guidelines.