Inclusionary Zoning

Inclusionary housing is a regulatory tool to create affordable housing units and integrate the units throughout a community, rather than concentrate affordable units within one project. Typically, an inclusionary ordinance would require residential developers building projects to build affordable units, pay an in-lieu fee to fund affordable units, or dedicate land equivalent to the cost of the units. In this manner, the City can ensure that affordable units are provided and state-mandated affordable housing goals are met. The City has an informal inclusionary requirement. Through developer agreements, New Model Colony developers are allowed to pay an inclusionary fee in lieu of producing affordable housing. However, in this market climate and in order to meet affordable housing obligations, an inclusionary ordinance applied on a Citywide basis may be needed. The City will therefore work with stakeholders and prepare a Citywide inclusionary study that, if accepted by City Council, will lead to preparation of a Citywide inclusionary housing ordinance.