NMC West Mixed Use Areas

Location: One node between Edison, Euclid, Eucalyptus and Campus.

Second node between Edison, 1/4 mile east of Walker, Eucalyptus and Carpenter.

NMC West Land Use


These Mixed Use areas are envisioned as the southern activity centers of Ontario and the focus of the New Model Colony. They accommodate a vertical and horizontal mixture of commercial, office, entertainment, and residential uses in a pedestrian oriented atmosphere. These Mixed Use areas are envisioned as low-rise (3-5 stories) with some mid-rise (5-10 stories) near the intersection of Euclid and Edison.

Allowed Development Intensity

 · >14 to 45 DUs per acre

 · 1.5 FAR for office uses

 · 1.0 FAR for retail uses

Buildout Limits:

· 3,316 DUs

· 6,740,562 sq. ft. office/retail

Special Processing Requirements

Specific Plan