CD Community Design Element

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All members of the community—residents, business owners, workers, visitors and investors— need places and spaces that are both functional and appealing.  Quality design of the built environment can: protect existing investments; achieve sustainable environments; create safe and pleasant places where people want to live, work and recreate; and add value to the community.


The Community Design Element:

  • Distinguishes Ontario as a unique, highly aesthetic built environment that fosters enjoyment, financial benefit and well being for the entire community.
  • Articulates design qualities that will create regionally significant places.
  • Utilizes community design to help achieve the Vision in the areas of economic development, land use, housing, community health, infrastructure and transportation.


We believe in:

  • Quality design of buildings, streets, City gateways and open spaces is vital to prosperity and makes Ontario a place where people want to be.

  • Strategically located urban centers that are designed around transportation systems help define Ontario’s regional identity.

  • Ontario’s unique history and heritage – expressed in its streets, landscaping and buildings – help define the community’s identity.

  • Well maintained property and infrastructure are required to protect and encourage community investment.

  • A diverse mix of residential and commercial districts and neighborhoods is vital to achieving the Vision.

CD Community Design Element Sections


All References are not part of the Policy Plan

  1. New Model Colony Streetscape Master Plan (large file size)