CD3 Pedestrian & Transit Environments

Only areas with a white background are considered part of the General Plan.

Attractively landscaped pedestrian walkways enhance the user's experience.

The development of pedestrian-oriented urban environments place new demands on the design and quality of buildings, open spaces and streetscapes. These areas, such as the Ontario Airport Metro Center, mixed-use districts in the New Model Colony and Downtown, will require careful coordination of public and private, physical and programmatic elements to continue to attract investors, shoppers and workers.



Vibrant urban environments that are organized around intense buildings, pedestrian and transit areas, public plazas, and linkages between and within developments that are conveniently located, visually appealing and safe during all hours.



Design.  We require that pedestrian, vehicular, bicycle and equestrian circulation on both public and private property be coordinated and designed to maximize safety, comfort and aesthetics. (Link to Bicycle and Pedestrians Section of the Mobility Element and Policies M2-3 and M2-4)


Connectivity Between Streets, Sidewalks, Walkways and Plazas.  We require landscaping and paving be used to optimize visual connectivity between streets, sidewalks, walkways and plazas for pedestrians.


Building Entrances.  We require all building entrances to be accessible and visible from adjacent streets, sidewalks or public open spaces. (Link to Safety Element Policy S7-4)


Ground Floor Usage of Commercial Buildings.  We create lively pedestrian streetscapes by requiring the location of uses, such as shopping, galleries, restaurants, etc., on ground floors adjacent to sidewalks.


Paving.  We require sidewalks and road surfaces to be of a type and quality that contributes to the appearance and utility of streets and public spaces.


Landscaping.  We utilize landscaping to enhance the aesthetics, functionality and sustainability of streetscapes, outdoor spaces and buildings.


Transit Stops.  We require transit stops be well lit, safe, appealing to and accessible by pedestrians.