CE1 Complete Community

Only areas with a white background are considered part of the General Plan.

Piemonte helps the City to meet its Vision of being a "complete community", with provisions of new housing, shopping, dining and entertainment.

The concept of creating, maintaining and growing economic value within the City underlies The Ontario Vision.  While economic value is often measured in monetary terms – property values taxable sales and equity growth, we require decision-making that also reflects qualitative value.  We express this qualitative value as the concept of “complete community.”  A complete community provides housing, jobs, education, shopping and services, culture, and recreation for people at all ages and socioeconomic levels.  Most importantly, a complete community provides opportunities for those residents and businesses willing to improve themselves and create wealth, and invest in the community.

This section establishes policies that incorporate this concept into land use planning, regulations, City Governance and operations.



A complete community that provides for all incomes and stages of life.



Jobs-Housing Balance.  We pursue improvement to the Inland Empire’s balance between jobs and housing by promoting job growth that reduces the regional economy’s reliance on out-commuting.


Jobs and Workforce Skills.  We use our economic development resources to: 1) attract jobs suited for the skills and education of current and future City residents; 2) work with regional partners to provide opportunities for the labor force to improve its skills and education; and 3) attract businesses that increase Ontario’s stake and participation in growing sectors of the regional and global economy. (Link to Social Resource Policy SR2-2)


Regional Approach to Workforce Development.  We work with our partners to provide workforce training and development services throughout the region recognizing that Ontario employers rely on workers living outside of the City.


Business Retention and Expansion.  We continuously improve two-way communication with the Ontario business community and emphasize customer service to existing businesses as part of our competitive advantage.


Business Attraction.  We proactively attract new and expanding businesses to Ontario in order to increase the City’s share of growing sectors of the regional and global economy.


Diversity of Housing.  We collaborate with residents, housing providers and the development community to provide housing opportunities for every stage of life; we plan for a variety of housing types and price points to support our workforce, attract business and foster a balanced community.


Retail Goods and Services.  We seek to ensure a mix of retail businesses that provide the full continuum of goods and services for the community.


Regional Attraction.  We encourage the development and programming of regional, cultural, and entertainment destinations in Ontario. (Link to Social Resources Entertainment and Culture Policy SR5-4)


Regional Leadership.  We provide leadership for public, quasi-public, and private-sector partners that help Ontario and its residents and businesses realize our goals and achieve our Vision.


Life-Long Education.  We work with our partners who provide life-long learning to ensure that our residents and workforce have access to education at all stages of life. (Link to Social Resources-Education SR2-1)


Socioeconomic Trends.  We continuously monitor, plan for, and respond to changing socioeconomic trends.


Circulation.  We continuously plan and improve public transit and non-vehicular circulation for the mobility of all, including those with limited or no access to private automobiles. (Link to Mobility-Public Transit)


Safety and Security.  We invest in public safety and communicate our successes because the perception and reality of safety and security are necessary prerequisites for private investment and economic growth.  (Link to Safety Element)