CE2 Place-Making

Only areas with a white background are considered part of the General Plan.

Citizen's Business Bank Arena is a distinctive regional destination place.

The City’s land use plans and policies seek to create distinctive and high-quality places.  Such places add value and thereby attract additional investment.  The City of Ontario focuses on creating a range of places where people want to live, work and where they want to experience. This section  establishes policies that acknowledge the value of place in the decision-making process.  (Link to Community Design Element)



A City of distinctive neighborhoods, districts, and corridors, where people choose to be.



Development Projects.  We require new development and redevelopment to create unique, high-quality places that add value to the community.  (Link to Community Design Element)


Development Review.  We require those proposing new development and redevelopment to demonstrate how their projects will create appropriately unique, functional and sustainable places that will compete well with their competition within the region.


Interim Development.  We require interim development that does not reflect the long-term Vision, be limited in scale of development so that the investment can be sufficiently amortized to make Vision-compatible redevelopment financially feasible.


Protection of Investment.  We require that new development and redevelopment protect existing investment by providing architecture and urban design of equal or greater quality.


Private Maintenance.  We require adequate maintenance, upkeep, and investment in private property because proper maintenance on private property protects property values. (Link to Community Design Policy CD5-1)


Public Maintenance.  We require the establishment and operation of maintenance districts or other vehicles to fund the long-term operation and maintenance of the public realm whether on private land, in rights-of-way, or on publicly-owned property. (Link to Community Design Policy CD5-1)


All References are not part of the Policy Plan

  1. Redevelopment Areas (Figure 5.10-1 of EIR)