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Ontario has a range of housing types available for purchase or rent.

The State of California recognizes the importance of housing and therefore legislates requirements for local jurisdictions to contribute to solutions to meeting their local and regional housing needs. All communities across California are therefore required to prepare a Housing Element every five years to address their local housing needs and a share of the region’s need for housing.


An adequate supply of quality and affordable housing is fundamental to the economic and social well-being of Ontario. State law requires all communities to prepare a housing element every five years. The Housing Element is required to address the production, preservation, and improvement of housing in the community. Among its most important functions, the Housing Element analyzes existing and future housing needs; addresses constraints to meeting local housing needs; identifies land, financial, and administrative resources for housing; sets forth goals and policies to meet community housing needs; and establishes housing programs and an implementation plan.


We believe in:

  • A range of housing for all income levels is essential to a complete community.

  • The City’s housing stock should match the type and price needed by current and future residents and workforce, including those with special needs.

  • Preserving, maintaining, improving and creating distinct neighborhoods and the housing stock protects property values and provides a desirable place to live.

  • Affordable, quality housing helps attract and retain a qualified workforce and supports a prosperous local economy.

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  1. HCD Approval Letter for Housing Element
  2. Annual CAPERS
  3. Five Year Consolidated Plan and One Year Action Plans
  4. Housing Element Annual Reports