H1 Neighborhoods & Housing

Only areas with a white background are considered part of the General Plan.

The CARES Program is one way the City helps improve neighborhoods and the housing stock.

Ontario’s neighborhoods determine our quality of life and reflect the value we place in our community. Neighborhoods differ in lot sizes, housing types, history, purpose, and environment. Whether rural residential, suburban, historic, or urban, Ontario’s neighborhoods should provide a nurturing environment for all residents to enjoy their lives. Residential neighborhoods should provide quality housing, ample parks and recreational opportunities, tree-lined streets and sidewalks for walking, safety and security, and public facilities and services.

As an established community, Ontario is committed to improving its older neighborhoods. This may be achieved through redevelopment, housing rehabilitation, code enforcement and neighborhood improvement projects. Ontario will facilitate the development of new neighborhoods consistent with their unique purpose, such as the New Model Colony, Ontario Airport Metro Center, and other areas. Taken together, Ontario is committed to creating and strengthening neighborhoods to promote a high quality of life for residents.



Stable neighborhoods of quality housing, ample community services and public facilities, well-maintained infrastructure, and public safety that foster a positive sense of identity.



Housing Rehabilitation.  We support the rehabilitation, maintenance, and improvement of single-family, multiple-family, and mobile homes through code compliance, removal of blight where necessary, and provision of rehabilitation assistance where feasible.


Neighborhood Conditions.  We direct efforts to improve the long-term sustainability of neighborhoods through comprehensive planning, provision of neighborhood amenities, rehabilitation and maintenance of housing, and community building efforts.


Community Amenities.  We shall provide adequate public services, infrastructure, open space, parking and traffic management, pedestrian, bicycle and equestrian routes and public safety for neighborhoods consistent with City master plans and neighborhood plans.


Historical Preservation.  We support the preservation and enhancement of residential structures, properties, street designs, lot configurations, and other reminders of Ontario’s past that are considered to be local historical or cultural resources.


Neighborhood Identity.  We strengthen neighborhood identity through creating parks and recreational outlets, sponsoring neighborhood events and encouraging resident participation in the planning and improvement of their neighborhoods.


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