H2 Housing Supply & Diversity

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New homes for sale in Edenglen in the "New Model Colony."

Bolstered by its International Airport, burgeoning employment sector, New Model Colony, and unparalleled transportation access, Ontario aspires to be the urban center of the Inland Empire. Housing diversity is critical to achieving this goal. Ontario is committed to ensuring the provision of the widest range of housing choices for the varied lifestyles of its residents and future workforce. This includes single-family and multiple-family housing, mixed- and multi-use housing, senior housing, live-work units, and other types of housing opportunities.

Housing production is to be encouraged in a responsible manner that furthers citywide and neighborhood goals. New housing will be creatively designed, sustainable and accessible. Residential and mixed-use growth is strategically directed to the Downtown, corridors, Ontario Airport Metro Center Area, New Model Colony, and other areas. By encouraging an adequate supply and diversity of housing, Ontario will accommodate its changing housing needs, support economic prosperity, foster an inclusive community, and become the urban center of the Inland Empire.




Diversity of types of quality housing that are affordable to a range of household income levels, accommodate changing demographics, and support and reinforce the economic sustainability of Ontario.



Corridor Housing.  We revitalize transportation corridors by encouraging the production of higher density residential and mixed-uses that are architecturally, functionally and aesthetically suited to corridors.


Historic Downtown.  We foster a vibrant historic downtown through facilitating a wide range of housing types and affordability levels for households of all ages, housing preferences, and income levels.


Ontario Airport Metro Center.  We foster a vibrant, urban, intense and highly amenitized community in the Ontario Airport Metro Center Area through a mix of residential, entertainment, retail and office-oriented uses.


New Model Colony.  We support a premier lifestyle community in the New Model Colony distinguished by diverse housing, highest design quality, and cohesive and highly amenitized neighborhoods.


Housing Design.  We require architectural excellence through adherence to City design guidelines, thoughtful site planning, environmentally sustainable practices and other best practices.


Infill Development.  We support the revitalization of neighborhoods through the construction of higher-density residential developments on underutilized residential and commercial sites.


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