LU5 Airport Planning

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Los Angeles/Ontario International Airport (LAONT) is a vital part of Ontario's past and its future. Its presence in the City impacts all aspects of the community.

Airports play a significant role in regional and local economies providing critical services such as business travel, tourism, and emergency response.  The City benefits from having two airports in close proximity, Ontario International Airport (ONT) and Chino Airport, and is responsible for implementing measures to ensure their orderly expansion while protecting the public from excessive noise and safety hazards.  ONT and Chino Airport are part of a national aviation transportation system that is overseen by federal, state and local governments.

ONT, is a medium-hub commercial airport. Centrally located within the City ONT is the single most prominent land use in Ontario.  Chino Airport, a general aviation airport, is located outside the City along the southern boundary.

This section addresses the impacts of the airports.



Integrated airport systems and facilities that minimize negative impacts to the community and maximize economic benefits.



Coordination with Airport Authorities.  We collaborate with FAA, Caltrans Division of Aeronautics, airport owners, neighboring jurisdictions, and other shareholders in the preparation, update and maintenance of airport-related plans.


Airport Planning Consistency.  We coordinate with airport authorities to ensure The Ontario Plan is consistent with state law, federal regulations and/or adopted master plans and land use compatibility plans for the ONT and Chino Airport.


Airport Impacts.  We work with agencies to maximize resources to mitigate the impacts and hazards related to airport operations.


ONT Growth Forecast.  We support and promote an ONT that accomodates 30 million annual passengers and 1.6 million tons of cargo per year, as long as the impacts associated with that level of operations are planned for and mitigated.


Airport Compatibility Planning for ONT.  We create and maintain the Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan for ONT.


Alternative Process.  We fulfill our responsibilities and comply with state law with regard to the Alternative Process for proper airport land use compatibility planning.


ALUCP Consistency with Land Use Regulations.  We comply with state law that requires general plans, specific plans and all new development be consistent with the policies and criteria set forth within an Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan for any public use airport.


Chino Airport.  We will support the creation and implementation of the Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan for Chino Airport.


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  1. ALUCP for Ontario International Airport
  2. Chino Airport