S Safety Element

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The Police and Fire Departments provide the primary safety functions in Ontario.

The City is committed to protecting life, property and commerce from impacts associated with man-made and natural hazards, disasters and other threats to public safety.  Natural hazards that could impact Ontario include seismic, flood, fire, and wind.  Man-made hazards include hazardous materials, noise and crime.  A clear management framework for emergency services for law enforcement and fire and rescue services is essential to adequately plan for and respond to these hazards.


The Safety Element:

  • Identifies potential hazards.
  • Provides policies that minimize potential dangers to residents, businesses, workers and visitors.
  • Provides policies to reduce the level of property loss due to a potential disaster.
  • Provides guidance on the approach to emergency management.


We believe in:

  • It is the role of government to minimize exposure to natural and man-made hazards.

  • A safe environment is necessary to build and maintain a sustainable and prosperous Ontario.

  • Reduction in the loss of life, injury, private property damage, infrastructure damage, economic losses and social dislocation can be achieved through planning and preparedness.

  • Interdepartmental and inter-jurisdictional coordination and collaboration are necessary to be prepared for, respond to and recover from everyday and disaster emergencies.

S Safety Element Sections


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  1. Hazard and Mitigation Plan
  2. Building & Safety Codes
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  4. Existing Conditions Report
  5. Safety Element Technical Report
  6. Fire Services Master Plan
  7. Police Services Master Plan