S6 Hazardous Materials & Waste

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The Ontario Fire Department responding to a hazardous materials release.

Ontario’s role as a transportation hub and manufacturing center is key to both the City’s and region’s prosperity.  However, these uses make it susceptible to hazards from spills of toxic materials and vulnerable to the byproducts of waste generated in industrial areas.  Earthquakes, fires, floods and strong winds all have the potential to trigger the contamination of the land, air and water by hazardous materials and waste. Of particular concern is exposure to airborne pollutants and groundwater contamination.



Reduced potential for hazardous materials exposure and contamination.



Disclosure and Notification.  We enforce disclosure laws that require all users, producers, and transporters of hazardous materials and wastes to clearly identify the materials that they store, use or transport.


Response to Hazardous Materials Releases.  We respond to hazardous materials incidents and coordinate these services with other jurisdictions.


Safer Alternatives.  We minimize our use of hazardous materials by choosing non-toxic alternatives that do not pose a threat to the environment.


Safe Storage and Maintenance Practices.  We require that the users of hazardous materials be adequately prepared to prevent and mitigate hazardous materials releases.


Location of Hazardous Material Facilities .  We regulate facilities that will be involved in the production, use, storage or disposal of hazardous materials, pursuant to federal, state, county, and local regulations, so that impacts to the environment and sensitive land uses are mitigated.


Location of Sensitive Land Uses.  We prohibit new sensitive land uses from locating within airport Safety Zones and near existing sites that use, store, or generate large quantities of hazardous materials.  (Link to Land Use Element)


Household Hazardous Waste.  We support the proper disposal of household hazardous substances.


Mitigation and Remediation of Groundwater Contamination.  We actively participate in local and regional efforts directed at both mitigating environmental exposure to contaminated groundwater and taking action to clean up contaminated groundwater once exposure occurs.


Remediation of Methane.  We require development to assess and mitigate the presence of methane, per regulatory standards and guidelines.


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