SR2 Education

Only areas with a white background are considered part of the General Plan.

American Career College located in Ontario provides educational opportunities in the field of health services.

Ontario’s prosperity is determined, to a great extent, by its ability to provide a skilled and educated workforce capable of meeting the requirements of business.  A key factor for businesses and residents deciding whether or not to locate in Ontario is the availability of quality preschool, elementary, middle and high schools, colleges and vocational training. Ontario fosters lifelong learning so that its citizens can lead more fulfilling and productive lives by providing access to libraries, culture, community events and activities.



A range of educational and training opportunities for residents and workers of all ages and abilities that improves their life choices and provides a skilled workforce for our businesses.



Educational Partners.  We partner with educational institutions throughout the region in order to expand the range and quality of educational offerings available to the community.


Workforce Training .  We will work with industrial organizations, businesses and educational institutions to create opportunities for workforce training.


Joint Use of Facilities.  We partner with public and private educational institutions to jointly use facilities for both City and educational purposes.


Access to Schools.  We work with local and regional partners to improve the safety in and around schools and to improve access for citizens of all ages and abilities to schools and community services, such as after school and other programs.


School Facilities.  We plan and coordinate with school districts for designing and locating school facilites to meet the City’s goals, such as for health, walkability, and safety and to minimize impacts to existing neighborhoods.


All References are not part of the Policy Plan

  1. Ontario School Districts (Figure 5.14-2 of EIR)