SR3 Community & Leisure Activities

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Local residents enjoying the annual Fourth of July celebration on Euclid Avenue.

Ontario takes pride in having an excellent choice of classes, excursions, events and special programs for its citizens to learn, recreate and socialize with friends, family, neighbors and others in their community.  In addition, there are a variety of non-profit community-based organizations and religious institutions that provide services and activities to members of the Ontario community. Community and leisure activities play an important role in linking Ontarians to their community, neighborhoods and commercial areas.



A range of community and leisure programs and activities provided by public, private and non-profit organizations  that meet the needs of the community’s varied interests, age groups and abilities.



Partnerships.  We partner with local and regional agencies, non-profit organizations and the private sector to provide a comprehensive range of community activities and events to citizens.


Needs Assessment.  We track the needs and priorities for community services and look for ways to meet demands and avoid duplication of offerings.


Program Outreach.  We promote information about leisure activities, classes, special events and other services and activities to our community.


Community Events.  We plan and actively participate in regularly scheduled community events and seasonal or yearly citywide events.


Community Activities as Crime Deterrents.  We promote and participate in community activities as part of our crime prevention efforts. (Link to Safety Element Policy S7-3)