SR5 Entertainment & Culture

Only areas with a white background are considered part of the General Plan.

Citizen Business Bank Arena is home to the Ontario Reign Hockey Team and hosts many other entertainment events.

The availability of entertainment and culture helps define and promote the City’s image locally, regionally and internationally.  These social resources are necessary to become a complete community and are essential to attracting residents and investment.  Ontario is committed to making entertainment, arts and culture readily available to citizens of all ages.  These resources promote opportunities for community engagement, personal inspiration, learning and enjoyment.



Local heritage, entertainment and cultural experiences that enrich the lives of Ontario’s residents, workers, and visitors and serve to attract residents and businesses to the City.



Provision of Entertainment and Culture. We support a range of entertainment and cultural experiences such as public art, exhibitions and performances.


Local Heritage Education. We partner with educational providers to promote culture and heritage. (Link to Historic Preservation Section of Community Design Element)


Public Art. We encourage public art in buildings, parks, open spaces and other public and private spaces.


Private-Public Sector Events . We partner with private and nonprofit sectors to provide and promote participation in cultural activities including fairs, festivals and other events geared to neighborhoods, the City as a whole and the region.


Promotion of Ontario Artists and Musicians. We promote awareness of entertainment and culture produced in Ontario.