TOP 2050 Update

The City is conducting a technical update to TOP!

The Ontario Plan was and still is a groundbreaking approach to comprehensive planning. TOP is a “Business Plan” connecting a long-term strategic vision to fiscal sustainability, aligned with budget and daily operations, and a clear framework for implementation. TOP ultimately is a “Plan of Action” that requires the City to update its provisions periodically and is the chief guiding document for all City decisions.

Guided by new leadership, Ontario is taking the opportunity to revisit and refine the Plan. The City is focusing on conducting technical updates to conform with state law (housing, community health, environmental justice, climate adaption, and mobility), bringing long-term growth and fiscal projections into alignment with current economic conditions, and advancing the Tracking and Feedback component and Implementation Plan.

City of Ontario – Housing Element Public Review Draft 2021

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Upcoming Meetings

Community workshops and events are an important part of the General Plan Update process. Future workshops and events will be posted once the date, time, and location have been finalized. Materials for both future and past events can be found on this page. We encourage your attendance at the community workshops and events throughout the process!

Web Based Maps

Proposed Housing Strategy and Land Use Scenario

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Web Based Map (Click on Map)

Understanding RHNA

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Environmental Justice

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Previous Meetings

Virtual Scoping Meeting – 8/05/2021

Presentation (Click here to view PowerPoint)(Video)

Presentación (Español) (Haga clic aquí para ver el PowerPoint)

Community Workshop #2 -7/29/2021

Presentation 2 (Click here to view PowerPoint)/ (Video)

Presentación 2 ( Español) (Haga clic aquí para ver el PowerPoint)/ (Video)

Community Workshop #1 -6/28/2021

Presentation 1 (Click here to view PowerPoint)/ (Video)

Presentación 1 (Español) (Haga clic aquí para ver el PowerPoint)/ (Video)

Property Owner Open House 6/14/21

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Project Timeline

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City Contact

Kimberly Ruddins, Principal Planner

P: (909) 395-2169 E: [email protected]

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