G3 Implementation

Realization of The Ontario Plan and its Vision will not happen by accident.  Intentional actions are required.  Actions occur at two levels.  The first and most comprehensive carries out the policies of the Plan: initiatives, programs, organizational management, resource management, education and influence of other entities that actively move the City toward its destiny.  The second level is the administration of the Plan: applying the Plan’s policies to the City’s decisions so that development projects, budgets, public agency projects, City regulations and similar activities respond to Plan policies appropriately and do their share toward achieving the Ontario Vision.  Collectively, these actions are called implementation.





Continuous progress toward achievement of the Ontario Vision through sustained initiatives and diligent administration by the City and others as specified in The Ontario Plan.



City Council Priorities. We shall set priorities and direct timely actions for implementing The Ontario Plan through periodic adoption of City Council Priorities (Goals and Objectives).


Tools.  We shall create and maintain state-of-the-art systems, procedures and technology that provide maximum leverage from City resources in implementing The Ontario Plan.


Organization.  We shall maintain a municipal organization under City Council direction that offers best professional practices and integrates The Ontario Plan and Vision into its operations.


Administration.  We shall operate a cost-effective system for administration of The Ontario Plan as proposed development plans, projects, and programs are considered by the City.


Interagency Cooperation.  We shall collaborate with other initiatives and programs of other agencies such as local, county, regional, state and federal governments and non-profit agencies to the maximum extent possible toward implementing The Ontario Plan.


Monitoring Development and City Master Plans.   We monitor development to ensure that it is consistent with City Master Plans (e.g., Water, Parks, Energy, Climate Action Plan, etc.) and The Ontario Plan.  The Policy Plan in particular will incorporate changes to Master Plans as they are updated periodically.