M2 Bicycle & Pedestrians

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Convenient bike routes encourage alternative modes of transportation.

In Ontario, walking and bicycling  contribute to an efficient mode of transportation and promote a healthy lifestyle.  Development patterns, a mix of land uses and the design of our roadways, buildings and development sites are an integral part of the pedestrian and bicycle system.



A system of trails and corridors that facilitate and encourage bicycling and walking.



Bikeway Plan.  We maintain our Multipurpose Trails & Bikeway Corridor Plan to create a comprehensive system of on- and off-street bikeways that connect residential areas, businesses, schools, parks, and other key destination points.


Bicycle System.  We provide off-street multipurpose trails and Class II bikeways as our primary paths of travel and use the Class III for connectivity in constrained circumstances.


Pedestrian Walkways .  We require walkways that promote safe and convenient travel between residential areas, businesses, schools, parks, recreation areas, and other key destination points. (Link to Community Design CD3-1)


Network Opportunities .  We explore opportunities to expand the pedestrian and bicycle networks.  This includes consideration of utility easements, levees, drainage corridors, road right-of-ways, medians and other potential options.


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  1. Non-Motorized Transportation Plan (Staff Report, plan and Approving Resolution)