SR4 Library

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Ontario City Library located in the Civic Center Plaza.

Information and knowledge resources are fundamental for the residents of Ontario to live healthy and prosperous lives. Ontario’s libraries offer free access to collections of books and other media, computers and the Internet, a range of programs and resources, making them key focal points in the community. Ontario has an ambitious, well-established and functional library program that addresses a broad range of ages, abilities, interests, cultural backgrounds and income levels.



City libraries that connect community members of all ages and abilities to a broad range of programs, communication and informational resources.



Community Needs.  We identify and monitor community needs for library services, technologies and facilities, and tailor them to effectively meet those needs.


Interagency Coordination.  We leverage relationships with outside agencies, educational institutions and neighboring jurisdictions to share library resources to the benefit of Ontario residents.


Library Outreach.  We outreach to the community to increase the patronage of the library.


Coordination with Other Community Services.  We coordinate library programs with other recreational and community programs and facilities.


Focal Points of the Community.  We design and program Ontario’s libraries as focal points for community engagement, including public outreach and community events.


Robert E. Ellingwood Model Colony History Room.  We work with the Museum of History and Art, Ontario in order to collect, preserve and display artifacts and images from Ontario’s heritage and connect the City’s past to the present through the History Room.


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